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draw simply. draw savvy.

SaviDraw - Easy, Fast, Powerful.

And you can talk to it.


SaviDraw is a 2D vector drawing program that is priced, designed and optimized for everyday users. It is easy to use, easy to learn, and yet still quite powerful. You can work fast because all tools, settings and commands are quickly accessible. Need to make a quick drawing for a web page or a graphic to put into Word, PowerPoint, Sway, MovieMaker, etc.?  SaviDraw is the answer. 


Paint programs like Microsoft Paint (also known as bitmap editors) are used to edit pixels. But pixels don't scale up and down very well. When enlarged, they become very blocky. Vector drawings are not pixel-based, they consist of lines and shapes that are mathematical descriptions, not a collection of pixels. So if you make them larger or smaller, they still are very precise and very crisp, whether on your screen or on a printout. And the file size of vector drawings is smaller than when you use bitmap (pixel) graphics. You should always try to make your graphics be vectors, unless you're touching up a photo.


 Most of you have never used a vector drawing program. Now you can.



If you're just looking at 'mobile' (that is, phones) as the next big thing and ignoring everything else, you're missing something. People are still buying computers to do work. And for these new computers, how you interact with the computer has entered a third generation. The first generation was command line interfaces. The second was the Graphical User Interface. 

Now the third wave is Touch and Voice. Everyone who has started to use touch loves it. They become so used to it they catch themselves all the time trying to use touch on regular screens. And now that Windows 10 has voice recognition built into it, new products will incorporate voice commands, just like SaviDraw has done.


Voice commands are even better than keyboard shortcuts. The reason they are better is that they can incorporate more than one action! Select an object, then say "Duplicate four down" and you will instantly have four identical copies of that object spaced out below the original. You didn't have to click on the Duplicate command four times.


To evenly space out multiple objects, just select those objects and say, “space evenly.” You can quickly change settings. For example, just select a line then say, “line size ten.”


SaviDraw is a pioneering application showing the way with Voice Commands. But soon, you'll see more and more software use this new capability of Windows 10 (sorry Mac users, only Windows 10 has this).


There are more unique aspects of SaviDraw which make it a next-generation product. And these features finally make using a vector drawing program possible for everyday computer users, not just high-end graphics professionals.


The Path Tool:

Every other vector drawing program uses the same old Pen tool, which has been around since the 1980s. Well, it's time for something new, something much easier, something that a mere mortal can actually learn to use. And that's exactly what we've done with the Path tool in SaviDraw. Watch the short video that shows how it works. We can just see the reaction now from those other companies selling drawing programs . . . "Oh my, why didn't we think of that? Wow, look how easy it is!"


The Reshape Tool:

To reshape a line or curve, just drag from anywhere along the line. It’s that easy.



You’ve just drawn a curve. You realize that it needs to be a little smoother. No problem, we’ve got a slider for that in the Selection tool. Watch the training video for the Selection tool to see how easy it is.


Gradient Colors:

Making your own linear or gradient color patterns has never been easier. Watch the training video to see how you create your own gradients and put them in one of five user palettes.



Make a text box, type in some text and then you can easily reflow it or change the text attributes using one simple settings panel. No more endless trips to hierarchical menus!

The Cut Tool:

Coming soon in a free update, the Cut tool will allow you to cut objects in half with a straight line or a curve. You will be able to cut out any part of an object by drawing a shape over it (or use a shape already in the drawing) and then cutting it away.

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