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The Path tool puzzles me a bit. I’m not sure which way to start drawing, by clicking or dragging?

You can always start with a click because even if your first line will be a curved line, you can always start dragging from the green circle. But, if the first line will be a curve, it’s probably easiest to just start dragging on the screen. If the first line will be a straight line, then you need to click first. Remember, you can always adjust the lines of the shape later with the Reshape tool.

Do you think voice commands are faster than clicking or tapping? And faster than Ctrl-key shortcuts?

Most of the time, voice commands will be faster, because you don’t have to go through multiple steps. For example, it’s much faster to turn on the microphone with a click and then say, “Align tops” than it is to open the Commands panel with a click, click on Arrange, click on Align, then when the flyout appears, click on Top. But in a few instances, it might be faster to just click or tap. For example, if want to Undo, and you’re using touch, the fastest way would always be to just tap on the Undo button at the top.

I love the big list of colors available by clicking on the Colors by Name button at the bottom of the Color panel. Are all of these colors available using voice commands?

Yes. All 430 of them!

I’m a bit confused by the fact that you say your native file format is SVG 2.0, and yet you have export to the SVG file format. What’s the story?

Good question. Our native format is SVG 2.0, which is not yet fully supported by all browsers. The Export command creates a file with SVG 1.1 code in it, so the graphics can be used on web pages and be better suited to import into other vector graphics editors. But be aware that we have found that most other vector graphics editors don’t actually do a good job of implementing SVG. Also, a few extra things that are in our .sbg files which are unique to SaviDraw are stripped out before writing out the SVG 1.1 file.

Why do you have two eyedroppers? The first time I looked at SaviDraw I was a bit confused.

Yes, but after you know a little about how SaviDraw works, it’s not so confusing, right? We looked at a lot of possibilities for the Apply tool (the filled eyedropper): an ink well (traditional in some other programs), a bucket, a faucet with a drip coming out, a water pump, a water can, a hose with water coming out, and a few more. With each we thought there were issues we didn’t want to deal with. So, the empty eyedropper gets the properties, the full eyedropper has all the properties and applies them. What you have to remember to do is switch from the empty one, after you click to get the properties, to the full one to apply the properties. You’ll find that sometimes you’ll forget to switch until you get used to it.





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